There’s a funny book that I really like called The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers. Secretly, I think this is what we all are.

I hope to blog about my life in reading and books. Being a children’s book buyer (cum) lifestyle books buyer, simply means I do have my hands full. But it is always important to read and use the books so that you know which ones work for you and which ones are better.

This blog will be a combination of everything about books and reading that I want to talk about. Welcome, let’s start reading!


I’m a book-lover who became a mother of two. The surprising thing is I’m also a bookseller who has been working on/off with books for more than 20 years, from comic store to library and now at one of the biggest bookstores in Kuala Lumpur.

Before I became a bookseller, I randomly bought books and music for myself. Now that I’m one (coming to 15 years and counting), I buy books for other people, too. (Which is fun and brain-bursting at the same time)
I really love it if people found life-long friends in books, through me.

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