Let’s think about a final Goodbye Part 1

I think I want to curate a table of picture books that talk about death. The recent Shinsuke Yoshitake translation (by Thames & Hudson) is a lighthearted yet thought provoking read about death. (all his books in this series are kind of philosophical)

So, Mari and I were talking and she said I thought you wanted to do a table about death. (This is how we talk, it means we are thinking of themes for our table promos, and this will be a theme on death)

I have avoided it as much as I can because I’m not sure if customers would like so many books that address death to be in one place, in large quantities, especially picture books. How morbid.

But, there are so many out there, and rather than always avoiding it, it might just spark something in our readers … so perhaps, sometime in the last quarter.